Investor Relations

Bridge the gap in the information flow between companies and potential investors.

Air Cover PR’s IR team is key to finding strategies that smooth your financial path. We offer an outsourced flexible, and affordable Investor Relations service, particularly effective for companies who neither have the need or resource for a full time, senior IR officer.

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Air Cover IR Credentials

Our IR team is knowledgeable, experienced and responsive. We will never offer you what we cannot do well. 

  • Our team recognises the breakdown in the information flow between companies and potential investors. Recent changes to the regulatory regime, coupled with cyclical pressures in the broking industry, have reduced the extent and effectiveness of equity research as the principal information source. 

We know what’s going on.

  • When fund managers lack the information to make informed investment decisions, small and medium sized companies suffer the most. Shares are often miss-priced relative to their potential, with companies stuck with legacy share registers no longer fit for the purpose of supporting future growth plans. 

Our team works with companies to fill the information void and amplify the message, to ensure that the right information reaches its target audience.  

  • We devise and execute bespoke strategies. These include updating the equity story; going direct to investors; increasing the level of research coverage; and providing additional rich content through your own communication channels.

Air Cover PR adopts a successful 3 stage

approach to all IR matters: 

  1. Immersion

This includes a deep dive into the business and measuring external perceptions.

  1. Messaging & Mapping

Updating the equity story and identifying suitable target investors. 

  1. Execution

Delivering a comprehensive proactive plan to reach, inform and win over target investors.

Get Protected

The Mosquito was highly effective at taking the fight to the opposition and protecting our assets.

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