Letters to the Editor

Letters hold sway, the old fashioned way

Letters within newspapers and publications are personal; they can subtly (or dramatically) influence opinion by lending support or offering an opposing point of view.

Letter writing is an art

You cannot wax lyrical or waste a syllable in a letter to a newspaper. The Guardian’s guidelines is to keep letters under 250 words, and whilst flash fiction is becoming an art form, most people find it hard to precis a lot of points with eloquence and persuasion.

Who reads letters anyway?

A typical reader of newspaper letters holds a professional or managerial position. They display a serious interest in current events and naturally analyses trends and decisions; they are also probably ‘older’. 

Of a newspaper’s readership in one day, approximately 12% will read the letter page. A greater proportion, in the region of 59%, will keenly scan the sports section. Remember, however, that is not an option open to you.

Is there any point in writing a newspaper letter?

Absolutely. It’s still worth considering letters in your arsenal of strategies. The people who read them are educated influencers and opinion holders – and very open to a good point, well made.

Can anyone write a letter to a newspaper?

Yes. But it needs to be well written. On a quiet day, the Daily Telegraph might receive 500 letters submitted for publication. During the MPs’ expenses scandal this climbed to 1,800.  Less than four per cent are published. Even with the trades, you’ll have plenty of competition. As the editor of Financial Adviser put it, “Brokers aren’t backwards about coming forward”. 

Why choose Air Cover PR to write a Newspaper Letter?

Because we increase your chance of getting your opinion published.

Horses for courses; different styles for different situations – this is what we do, and we do it well:

  • Air Cover PR writes concise letters, keeping you under the 250 word limit.
  • We cut the clutter and draft in crisp, clear English.
  • We are effective, without the overblown academic pretensions displayed by some other PR companies.
  • We match the style and content to the audience and the topic.

Letters to the Editor is a forum for a variety of voices. Some criticise, some seek to set the record straight, some want to add a different perspective or expertise to an issue. They are all published: the dissenters, the critics, the political and the curmudgeons. We write the letter you need in the most effective way.

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