Indices increase your reputational firepower

Air Cover PR is competent in working with indices. Indices represent powerful data that identifies trends and offers insights into business transactions – helping organisations make and influence decisions.

Indices provide powerful insights into issues and industries.  They don’t just offer a snapshot, they identify trends , helping illustrate how a story has developed over time.  Journalists (and, increasingly, the public) are familiar with them – and even expect to see them so that they can use the deeper insight they provide.

Where does the data come from?

There are 3 main sources for data:

Your business

Management information is generated by your organisation day in, day out.  There are two benefits to this.  the data is free.  And it is exclusive.

There is a caveat, however: sharing sensitive data could be like telegraphing your battle plan directly to the enemy.  Air Cover PR can advise you how to make use of this internal goldmine without compromising your business.

Public information

Publicly available statistics are regularly released by government departments and industry trade bodies.  Often this data is not used creatively.  Although it is free to use, it’s accessible to all and not exclusive to your organisation. 

Air Cover PR can help you do something interesting and unique with it, offering you a voice of authority over the issues and trends that you are tracking.

Third Parties

Indices can be powered by data from polls and surveys.

This can be collected by emailing a poll to a relevant database, or by a employing a market research agency.  

Get Protected

The Mosquito was highly effective at taking the fight to the opposition and protecting our assets.

And that is what Air Cover PR can do for you…