Placed Articles & Blogs

The right words aimed in the right place

Placed articles work most effectively when paired with research releases and strong opinions.   

What do you gain with a placed article or blog?

  • They extend the lifecycle of your research content
  • They offer you the chance to expand on your topic at greater length
  • They include a byline, lending you some reputational dominion over the topic (rather than your brand being one of quoted in a piece)
  • They are an excellent vehicle for your key messages

Power of the Written Word

Air Cover PR takes pride in the written word.

We write content in a style, structure and length that will have maximum impact on the right audience.

Our tone of voice selection is pretty ace, too!

Corporate PR is a business of words, but PR agencies are infested with people who can’t write.

They can’t write pithy soundbites and they can’t write placed articles. It’s embarrassing.

The copy they deliver is dry as dust, humourless, and unreadable. 

It’s not written to be read.  At Air Cover PR we believe it is a sin to bore readers. 


The secret to writing good copy is practice – and time.

We always take time away from a piece before we send it to you for your consideration.  This also helps with polishing. 

This is no admission of failure.  Even the best wordsmiths don’t get it right first time. 

Ian Fleming’s iconic opening to Casino Royale didn’t happen by accident:

“Scent and smoke hit the taste buds with an acid thwack at three o’clock in the morning.”

[first attempt]

“Scent and smoke and sweat can suddenly combine together and hit the taste buds with an acid shock at three o’clock in the morning.”

[second attempt]

“The scent and smoke of a casino are nauseating at three in the morning.”

[final product]

Get Protected

The Mosquito was highly effective at taking the fight to the opposition and protecting our assets.

And that is what Air Cover PR can do for you…