White Papers

Cultivate a knowledgeable profile

(knowledge is power!)

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide. Its purpose is to advocate a certain position, or to influence decision making. Air Cover PR will ensure your reputation for expertise reassures and attracts interest, whether you aim to fly high, or maintain altitude.

Demonstrating that you have an informed opinion on issues affecting your sector can elevate the profile of your business.  Organisations that cultivate a profile as a knowledgeable expert in their field increase their stature compared to their peers.

Quality research content, delivered via white papers, can attract media attention, which can then spark the interest of government, regulators, clients (current and potential) or investors.

White Paper Strategy

At Air Cover PR, we regard every report or white paper ‘mission’ as unique, always adopting and adapting competent campaign techniques. 

We aren’t going to give away your trade secrets in a white paper but we will highlight your competence and wherewithal using several tried and tested strategies: from the pyramid principle – one of the most important concepts in corporate communication – to the situation / complication / question / answer format recommending a new, improved solution to a nagging business problem.

Get Protected

The Mosquito was highly effective at taking the fight to the opposition and protecting our assets.

And that is what Air Cover PR can do for you…