News Releases

Positive, pertinent exposure

Short, sharp press releases are a cost effective way to tell the world what you are doing, as long as you have actual ‘news’ to share.

Air Cover PR drafts and distributes

press releases that work.

Press coverage considerations

News is a serious business. Before we start, it’s a good idea to think about a few things:

Is it a good topic?

News releases could cover client wins, new appointments, office moves and charity work.

We will draft and distribute releases to the media on your behalf.

Is it truly news?

PR that is flagrantly self-serving won’t get you in the papers. Annoying journalists with pointless press releases could even work against you when you really do have news. 

“News is something that somebody somewhere doesn’t want you to print. All the rest is advertising.”

Lord Northcliffe, Press Baron

Is it good content?

Quality content is vital and must be credible. Specifics work better than vague generalities.

Can you back up what we write with facts and figures to make it have power and standing? The more facts you tell – the more you sell. 


Our team is experienced in creating news releases that benefit businesses. We will work with you to pick out your story, draft it competently and creatively, and then distribute it to the most relevant news sources. 

I can write: why do I need Air Cover PR?

You can’t send marketing bumf to journalists. Air Cover PR is experienced in dealing with the press, and can provide you with:

Oven ready news

Your press release should be ready to use on receipt.  The ideal release could conceivably be cut and pasted straight into an article by an over-stretched journalist.

Headlines that entice

If you want to be noticed, your headline is crucial.  On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body of the story.  Air Cover PR will ensure the headline will be unmissable.

Quotes that are meaningful

Air Covers PR aims to avoid the anodyne.  “This is a unique product, which we are confident will be a success in the marketplace.”  Is it unique, really? And if you weren’t confident, would you have launched it?  We also steer clear of superlatives, too.  Brag and boast convinces nobody. 

The news pyramid

The news pyramid tells the points in a news story in descending order of importance.  Readers stop reading when they have satisfied their curiosity – without worrying something important has been missed out.

The opening introduction should be able to stand on its own; usually one sentence, it conveys the essence of the story in a clear, concise, punchy way. It should be general enough to be understood; precise enough to be distinguished from other stories. 

It should also be as short as possible – which is probably the writer’s most difficult task! 

Get Protected

The Mosquito was highly effective at taking the fight to the opposition and protecting our assets.

And that is what Air Cover PR can do for you…